A seemingly overwhelming activity where participants are bombarded with critical information and have to make sense of it very quickly to find a solution. This activity mimics the pressures that can be experienced every day in the work environment and is a perfect platform to analyse and reflect on team performance and behaviour strategies.


Team Health Checks

At the simplest level a team is: “two, or more, people working together to achieve a common goal or purpose.

Whether at the small group, departmental, subsidiary or group level, the effectiveness of the team (whatever its life span) is determined by the balance of a few key factors.

Take our online survey and individuals will receive their own reports with a comparison to the team as a whole. Individual results are never shared with management or the rest of the team.


Air Crash

Presented with a situation and limited resources teams must agree what their plan of action will be to survive.



Qualified professional facilitators to guide, observe, nurture and unite

Products Teamvine

Supply Chain

Virtual Team Building from BlueSky Experiences


The virtual version of Supply Chain acts as a business mirror revealing and exploring the complexities of working within organisations, the need to balance personal, functional goals and targets to achieve success.

Supply Chain introduces conflict between individual and team goals, demonstrating the vital importance of communication and collaboration in team performance. Supply Chain raises significant questions about the network of relationships within the team and the team’s contact with other key groups both inside and outside of the organisation.

The effects of an individual’s actions can have a considerable impact on others in the team. Therefore good project co-ordination is required to ensure a successful outcome.

The review of the team activity emphasises the need to understand what others need in order to be effective and to be open about available resources, individual and group needs.

Learning outcomes

Supply Chain works most effectively when it mirrors the real organisational network in which the participants work. The team can explore patterns of communication and contact, suggesting changes to their own ‘networking’ and identifying the best ways of using the communication links that they already have in place and developing new ones.

The active and participative nature of these experiments, with people occupying their real or representative places in the networks, makes the transfer of learning back to the workplace particularly easy. This very effective type of learning is much more dynamic process than paper based analysis could produce.

About Supply Chain

A virtual simulation, Imagining the realities of the new normal, a unique, challenging and highly practical digital activity for your teams:

• 6-15 Player configurations
• Find out how to be resilient as we establish rules of engagement
• Beat the clock. It’s still ticking for us all!
• Use the “lifesaver cord” to boost your performance
• Play once to orientate…twice to optimize….thrice to operationalise


  • Each team member will have to pass links between one another to meet their own personal briefs. Can you overcome the challenges of remote working to achieve your goal in time?
  • Test your ability to deal with ambiguity!
  • Find out how to calibrate your communication virtually
  • Establish new ways to succeed in this new normal


  • Illustrates the impact of ‘unseen’ decision making upon a large structure
  • Develops skills in diagnosing and resolving problems in and making efficient use of customer/supplier relationships
  • Enables users to quickly and actively define working relationships in a safe environment
  • Offers the opportunity to adapt thinking styles and procedure in order to maintain effective networks

The Mission

A unique online adventure that entails searching a crime scene, scouring the internet, chatting with suspects, recovering lost data and shutting down a large scale financial fraud.

All without leaving your seat!

Suitable forTeams of up to 5
Time to complete1 – 1.5 hrs
Difficulty levelMedium
Equipment requiredInternet connection