High Performing Team Model™


The BlueSky Experiences High Performing Team Formula was developed to help leaders and managers improve their team performance:

  • Without having to s​​​​​pend unnecessary time, effort and money restructuring
  • Without additional effort from you working harder in solving all the problems for the team
  • Without adding stress to you micro-managing the team all day, every day.

The High Performing Team Formula is embedded into all the team development activities we offer and provides simple, yet clear areas for teams to improve their performance.

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Register for our webinar to get started with BlueSky and improving your team performance: 

How To Double Team Performance

In 30 Days or Less Without Having to Micromanage Your Team

What You’ll Learn:

#1 The Power of Self Awareness
Awareness of self and others will help forge stronger relationships in the team and support a collaborative culture.

#2 How to Foster a Feedback Culture
Using a common language that the team understand will help them feel safe in giving and recieving feedback, helping your team to foster a healthy feedback culture.

#3 How to Increase Team Morale, Confidence and Productivity
Improve your team by celebrating successes, recognising achievements and developing personal and team plans.

#4 How to Define Your Team Purpose
A team cannot become High Performing without creating and understanding the overall team purpose.